They are red but also blue, green, yellow or orange for a few years! They are attached to schools or claim an independent status! They teach you the first skiing and snowboarding or take you to the hidden spots of the resort to enjoy the delights of off-piste! I want to talk to you about ski instructors who are part of your holidays and shape your unforgettable memories! But how do you choose the right instructor, the right school or the ski course that best suits your needs? Some resorts today have more than 20 ski schools meaning a highly competitive sector.

Born from this observation, the new aggregator website details all the offers and allows you to quickly find those that suit you best before booking online.

Compare to find best prices

Are you one of those privileged who go skiing once or twice a year?  Winter holidays are particularly expensive. Tourism professionals estimate a cost of € 900 per week on average per person, the price to cost to come skiing in the Alps in February. Obviously, this is an average. Because disparities are big. This budget would include living (29% of the total), ski lift pass (16% of the total), food (15% of the total), equipment rental but also and especially ski lessons.

In order to control the budget allocated to holidays, 92% of us use aggregators in search of the best offers for transport, accommodation, or equipment rental. Ski schools have not previously served this purpose.

That is why Skiool is born. Differences in price of 40% between 2 similar ski school courses make the tool credible and useful to save money. In case of a tight budget, a complete visibility offered on ski schools private and collective lessons as well as the schedules, the period and the duration will be able to guide your choice. Skiool formats all these data as simply as possible so that your choice of lesson becomes simple and obvious.

Compare to find the offer that best suits your needs

Whether you want to start skiing, improve your skills or discover off-piste, ski lessons are the best solution. Having some ski lessons makes it possible to immediately acquire the right reflexes, the technical mouvement, and also allow you to progress more quickly. Some schools have chosen to be specialized in a type of skiing or snowboarding practice but sometimes have a lack of visibility on the resort. Skiool has chosen to inform you that they exist. In biggest ski resorts, do not be surprised to find off piste ski schools, snowboard schools, schools who concentrate their effort in competition courses or children courses. The experience and the technical means put them forward and are a plus. Some schools also have structures adapted to a type of teaching, for example kindergartens that are worth mentioning.

Compare and save time in your search

If internet or tourist offices reveal the existence of a long list of ski schools, arm yourself with patience and plan some time to call each school to know their offers unless the first school convinces you. But are you sure you’ve made the best choice? Internet also counts some websites which sells the courses of theirs schools partner but it is not the entirety of the offers. Skiool relies on transparency to impartially detail all ski schools so that you know all the offers and you do not miss the one made for you. website has been designed for easy and quick use to obtain relevant information from ski schools. A few clicks are enough to compare schools, see a school or search through filters all school ski lessons and finally book.

Skiool has its free service “Skiool search for you”. The platform takes note of your request and search for you. What to ask for more? A ski professional can also answer your questions by chatting about your needs or the lessons.

A regulated and secure service 100% free

Skiool is a completely free service and displays the prices of schools without additional cost. As an aggregator, the website is regulated to deliver clear, honest and objective information. Compare with confidence through Skiool! Especially the payment system is provided by an external party to secure your transactions. The payment goes through Mangopay and not the platform to reassure you. In that way, purchasing a ski lesson from one of the schools presented on the site becomes easy and can be done with confidence.

If you see a ski instructor in different colors, you’ve probably wondered which school was attached to? Skiool now gives you the answer. Indeed, the resorts count a large number of ski schools that try to distinguish themselves by their way of teaching but also the type of services they offer. Some schools teach a more international clientele but the instructor diploma is the same or in accordance with sports legislation.

Compare with Skiool first and then book your lesson! It is the assurance of a complete service to make a choice of the ski school that suits you.

Arnaud Leidinger
Ski instructor, President of Skiool SAS and founder of

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